Be a foster parent

Pawsitive Tails could not survive without foster parents. Because we have generous foster parents ready and willing to provide temporary housing and lots of love, we are able to help many dogs in need.

Some fosters only have their foster long enough for a bath, a good meal, and a safe night’s sleep. Others have their foster long enough to work on training, to develop trust, and to recover from injuries or ailments – all to help them transition smoothly into their forever homes.

Fostering is an incredibly rewarding experience. There is nothing like comparing the “before” pictures of your foster dog on the first day with the “after” pictures in his or her new adoptive home! Of course, fostering is not without challenges, but Pawsitive Tails will be there to help you through any bumps in the road you encounter. We are available to our fosters 24 hours a day!

Our fosters care for the dog for just a few days, up to a few months or longer. Some have issues that they will need help with and some have none! We help you to match up a dog that is the perfect fit for what you are able to do, and for your family. Fosters transport their foster dog to vet appointments, help to socialize them, and of course, provide lots of love! We provide any supplies that you need for your foster dog, to make your foster experience a great one! If you would like to help save a life, please fill out the foster application below. The online foster manual is detailed with expectations and advice, so please take some time to read through that.